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Commercialization of technologies is rarely a simple process from new technology to market.

Triangle Innovation Commercialization ToolsProduct ideas, patents, ideation results, market research, customer and potential customer feedback, forecasting, and presentation are all tied together in a complex web of facts, ideas and plans. These tools prevent you from losing track of important information but allow you to focus on your plan. If you find that your original product or market plan is unworkable, you have all of your secondary product ideas, technology descriptions, and market research organized to give you the ability to pivot to a new plan. Our online tools help you develop and keep track of your commercialization process.
Whether you are starting with a recognized market need and putting together the product and technology to fill the need(pull), or working from a pure scientific breakthrough and looking to develop product(s) and identify markets, our software will help you track your progress and identify your next steps.

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